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Dainese Action Chest Armor Protection

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Dainese Action Chest Armor Protection

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Product Description

  • The Thorax Dainese chest protector for women is especially designed to fit the shape of ladies.
  • Upon impact the protector is designed to disperse energy across a greater area, thus minimalizing impact and offering extra shock protection across the chest and thorax (heart and lungs).
  • The ergonomically shaped hard polypropylene front plate is made from alloy honeycomb. The inner jersey lining and flexible lateral rib protection side plates and adjustable straps allow the protector to sit comfortably and offer temperature regulation.


  • Perforated polypropylene chest protector
  • Crash absorb internal structure
  • Rib protectors in Crash absorb material
  • Nidaplast insert at sides
  • Comfort Ergonomics
  • Adjustment by strap


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