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BMW Tank Pads All Model

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BMW Tank Pads All Model

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Product Description

  • Tank pad protection made of extremely high quality polyurethane resin.
  • Characteristics of the polyurethane resin offer extreme clarity, softness and flexibility.
    The three-dimensional relief to the finished pad allows maximum visual impact.
  • The beautiful and striking designs and brightness complementing your tank.
    The Tank pads are manufactured in Italy using the latest techniques and the best materials.
  • UV-resistance ensures the tank pads do not yellow over time. Provides protection from scratches and abrasions for the long term.

Tank protection made entirely of polyurethane resin:

  • Excellent quality, purity, softness and flexibility
  • Resistant to UV rays
  • Does not show signs of yellowing over time
  • Protects the tank from scratches and abrasions in a total and effective manner
  • The polyurethane resin gives all a wonderful 3D effect which enhances color shades and brightness of the beautiful designs




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